Monday, October 8, 2012

Muse, October, Photography, & Issue #1

The 2012 Summer edition of the local Muse magazine has been postponed until November for some reason. There will be a release party at the Heartland Community College campus and I will be attending.

The two drawings selected for publication in the 2012 edition of Muse magazine are :

Anyway, I am glad that it is finally October. October, November, and December have always been my favorite months throughout the year. It's cold surprisingly early this year. It would be great if the cold stuck around. I hope we have a powerful and long winter with over-the-top blizzards. Last year was disappointing due to the lack of actual cold and snow. It seemed like autumn of 2011 and spring of 2012 were just one season. It was the worst winter in my life so far. Despite last year's lame winter, I find that it is easier to concentrate on my art in the time period of late autumn/early winter. A cold landscape is inspiring.

I am debating buying new film for my old Canon AE-1 camera and taking photos of the nearby Constitution Trail as the leaves of the trees experience their massive death. I haven't used my camera for many months now simply because film is becoming increasingly expensive. I still take pictures with my digital camera, but it's a cheap digital camera and I've always had an appreciation for the look of film. I also discovered through calling around that black and white film is almost no longer sold anywhere in this town. The only exception is the Ilford HP5 Plus brand sold at the Heartland Community College campus. This film type is what I started out on and I enjoy it, but unfortunately it is difficult to have developed without a dark room. I would have to send the film to Chicago to have it developed and printed and that is very expensive. Sending it away and having it developed and printed in Chicago takes two weeks per roll as well.

I am currently still working on the official issue number one of the Sawaporn graphic novel series. I still haven't come up with a title for the whole graphic novel series. The original working title was "Atheist Thai Girl."

Here's the song "Domingo" by Yello:
This is from the album "Stella" (1985) and it is one of my favorite albums in general.

Here's the song "Something To Do" by Depeche Mode (1984):
This is one of my favorite Depeche Mode songs from the album "Some Great Reward" (1984).

And here is the song "Man From China" by Vivabeat (1980):
This is their best song in my opinion and it is from the album "Party In The War Zone" (1980). The Youtube video says it was from 1979, but Discogs states that it was actually 1980.

I discovered both of the albums "Stella" (1985) by Yello and "Some Great Reward" (1984) by Depeche Mode six years ago today, October 8, 2006 in two separate nearby pawn shops. I also discovered the song "Man From China" by Vivabeat six years ago today while using the Internet at my local public library.

I am still waiting for the completion of the newest Feminist Frequency project. Lately, I watched "Antichrist" (2009) by Lars Von Trier and Paul Thomas Anderson's new film "The Master" (2012). Both of these were really good films.

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