Thursday, November 24, 2011

Story Number Five Finished

I finished the story of issue number five of my Atheist Thai Girl graphic novel series on the evening of November 7, 2011. I am currently attempting to finish all of the illustrations on every page. I finished the illustrations on twelve pages. The story is 33 pages long.

I hope to finish this one in December 2011. I haven't made up my mind on whether I'm going to do story number six or the introduction story next.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Atheist Thai Girl Story 5

I started story number 5 on October 8, 2011, the day after I helped a friend finish packing to move to another state. This story is still being created and I am enjoying the process. In this story, the Atheist Thai protagonist attempts to help a homeless woman survive a blizzard that hits town. The homeless woman is named "Eva" and she is an extension of the selfish character "Eva" from the wonderful film "Stroszek" by Werner Herzog.

Currently, it is windy and nice out. It is 5:14 AM October 26, 2011. I am listening to the album "No Comment" by Front 242.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Number Four Is Finally Complete

I finished all of the incomplete illustrations in the fourth Atheist Thai Girl story. I am very pleased with this. I will begin either the fifth story or the Introduction story shortly. The fifth story will be about the Atheist Thai Girl attempting to help a homeless person survive a blizzard.

I am currently sitting outside. It is 44 degrees Fahrenheit outside now, October 1, 2011 at 1:51 AM in Bloomington, IL and it is nice except when it is occasionally breezy.

... also, I currently have the song "The Bells" by Phil Ochs stuck in my head.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Almost Finished With The Illustrations Of Story #4

I keep getting pulled away from finishing the illustrations in six pages of my fourth story. Once I am finished, I plan to work on story #5 and then do the 2 or 3 issues that are meant to take place before the first issue is completed.

I posted a blog about this with greater detail on my DeviantArt main page. My profile name on DeviantArt is "deadavalanche," which is a title I selected because at the time I couldn't think of anything else and I wanted to try out the website immediately.

Currently: I have the song "Concentration Moon" by Frank Zappa & The Mothers in my head. I am sitting on a porch facing the sunrise at 7:19 AM. I have been up all night socializing with friends and playing badminton in the nearby park before dawn. Now, I will go home and go to bed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zappa You Doing?

I finished my fourth installment in the Atheist Thai Girl series. It is 34 pages long. I still have to go back and finish the art on 9 of the pages. Lately, I have been trying to organize the details of the Thai woman's life before the moment the series begins in her adulthood just after arriving in America.

I am also trying to plan out the fifth installment in the series. I have multiple ideas, but I am having trouble picking one.

Anyways, I had four drawings published in a local community college magazine called "Muse." I received a free copy of the magazine at its release party. The magazine costs seven dollars for anyone who did not submit art to it.

I am currently listening to "We're Only In It For The Money" (1967) by Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention

Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 Issues Finished

I have finished three Atheist Thai Girl comics so far. The first comic was actually 38-pages long, not 37, the second comic is 31-pages long, and the third is 34. I have scanned two of these comics completely. I am still working on the third since it takes so long. I am enthusiastic about beginning the next one. I have not posted anything of it here because I am unsure if that is a good idea. I figure anyone could come along and steal my ideas. I am unsure what to do to spread any minor awareness of my graphic novel other than word of mouth.