Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Issue 7, Page 19

I'm still working on issue #1.

I posted another clip from my Sawaporn graphic novel series onto DeviantArt this afternoon. This is the second clip that's been released online. This is from page 19 of issue #7.

This paragraph is copied from my post on DeviantArt and it is meant to explain the context of the clip since it is more than just a single panel of Sawaporn sitting in a stairwell:
"The context: Sawaporn the protagonist has spent the night dumpster-diving for food since she is deep in severe poverty. On the way, she meets a woman dressed as a Teutonic knight. This woman is a soldier and propagandist serving in an all-female barbaric cult. This cult coincidentally worships Sawaporn, which surprises Sawaporn. The soldier reveals that the cult collects and consumes menstrual fluid. In this scene, Sawaporn discovers multiple trash cans full of moist, bloody tampons. Sawaporn gives the trash cans to the soldier. The soldier shoves her head into the cans and begins sucking the menstrual fluid out of the tampons and eventually eats them."

Here is the song "Flex It!" by Re-Flex (1983):

"Some Kind Of Stranger (demo version)" by The Sisters Of Mercy (1984):

"Conflict" by Sort Sol:

"All Glory (peel session)" by Southern Death Cult (1983):

"Dark And Light" by The Royal Family And The Poor (1984):

Anyway, I'm thinking about watching "Flesh + Blood" (1985) starring Rutger Hauer or "The Keep" (1983) tonight.

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