Saturday, November 10, 2012

Muse Delayed

I just found out that the Muse magazine release party will be delayed until Thanksgiving break. The printing company that is supposed to handle the Muse Summer 2012 edition is located in New Jersey. The company was affected by a long power outage due to hurricane Sandy and they only recently got power back.

Anyway, here is that link to a clip from page 19 of issue #7 again:

Here is the song "New Home" by Shriekback (1984):

And the song "Hubris" by Shriekback (1984):

Finally, the song "My Careful Hands" by Shriekback (1984):

I discovered the album "Jam Science" (1984) by Shriekback approximately six years this afternoon. It's my favorite Shriekback album and it's unfortunate that it has never been reissued since its original vinyl release.

I can't wait for the cold winter to embrace and smother this town with snow and ice.

Speaking of which, here is the song "Under An Ancient Sun" by Jeremy Soule from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" game. I really like this piece of music.

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